start screen in appAsk Ed is designed to begin a dialogue between children and parents, children and teachers or may be used independently by a child. Its purpose is to help children identify and discuss problems, rate the seriousness of the problem, share their feelings and decide on a plan of action.

Every day we can be confronted with problems – small, easy to handle issues through to more complex, demanding problems. By taking ownership of a problem and taking time to think about and decide on possible solutions we gain a measure of control and a plan for moving forward.

Ask Ed uses the Catastrophe Scale to help children put their problems in perspective. It deals with both small problems and serious issues.

You can download an A4 poster of the Catastrophe Scale in PDF format here.

Ask Ed can be used at school, at home or out and about with individual children or groups of children. Ask Ed can be used to deal with any ‘real life’ problems, from the smallest issue to a full blown catastrophe!

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