Catastrophe Scale – Made at Home

Yes,  you can make your own Catastrophe Scale at home.

A family in Victoria used a large sheet of paper to draw their own Catastrophe Scale. The kids chose a rating then drew a picture of a problem that they thought best matched the rating.

*Note – getting  bitten by a crocodile was rated a 9 while getting the measles rated a 5.

It’s a great opportunity to discuss all sorts of problems and rate them using ‘real thinking’ – i.e. putting problems in perspective.

Missing out on getting a chocolate bar at the local supermarket is not a 10 and it’s not appropriate to throw a tantrum.

Discussing what it means to put problems in perspective  with your kids will help them understand that not all problems are the ‘worst ever’ and you can easily get over small annoyances.

Get yours today and ‘Don’t let those problems get you down – Ask Ed and remove that frown’.