What is Ask Ed?

Ask Ed is an App for iPhone and iPad that allows children, parents and teachers to tackle a variety of problems. Children work one-on-one with a parent or teacher to discuss problems that may have happened today, a long-term problem that causes ongoing worry and anxiety or an immediate problem which creates an emotional outburst.

Has your child’s behaviour changed lately? Are they looking withdrawn and upset and won’t talk to you? Do you sense that something is not quite right? Have they had a huge tantrum over something trivial? You can use Ask Ed to start a conversation to help them.

A simple request from you, ‘Let’s Ask Ed and get this problem sorted!’, can make a world of difference to your child’s wellbeing and self-esteem. Getting a problem out in the open and sharing it with someone can take a huge weight off their shoulders.

Ask Ed guides your child to enter the problem, rate the problem on a Catastrophe Scale, express their feelings and discuss and decide on a plan of action.  Ask Ed provides the child with a special report outlining all their responses.

Although we like to think children are completely carefree and happy many of them are carrying problems around in their head. It’s important to get children talking about what worries them, what problems they may have and take on the role of a mentor and counsellor for them. We want children to be resilient and ‘bounce back’ from problems. Ask Ed can help achieve this outcome.

Share you success stories by contacting the Ask Ed team – info@ask-ed.com.au