Mother and son using Ask Ed
Ask Ed can be used anywhere, anytime to identify, discuss and sort through a problem. You can use Ask Ed with your child or allow them to use Ask Ed by themselves.

Home: I don’t want to go to bed, clean my teeth, tidy my room, pack the dishes in the dishwasher, go to school, stop playing the computer, pack up my toys. I don’t want my sister/ brother to come into my room, I can’t build my Lego model, I want to go to the party, the movies, my friends house after school, sleep over 

School: I am being bullied, picked on, have no friends, I don’t want to do my homework

Out and About: I want … , I don’t want … , you can’t make me, please buy me that, she is hitting me, I want to sit in the front seat, he made a face at me

As children work through the process of stating the problem, identifying their feelings, selecting a Catastrophe Scale rating and deciding on ideas Ask Ed can help diffuse an emotional outburst. You can download an A4 poster of the Catastrophe Scale in PDF format here.

Emailing the report and printing a copy provides a reference for use immediately or at a later time.

Read our tips for assisting your child when they are using Ask Ed.

When you need some help, Ask Ed!