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The Catastrophe Scale Lesson Plan

A guide to teaching the Catastrophe Scale and introducing the Ask Ed App.

Teaching The Catastrophe Scale
And Introducing The Ask Ed App

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This plan contains five lessons that include the following activities:

Lesson 1  The Catastrophe Scale
  • Activity 1 – Introducing and making a Catastrophe Scale
  • Activity 2 – Rating problems according to the Catastrophe Scale
  • Activity 3 – How do problems make us feel?
  • Activity 4 – What can you do about problems? Introducing the Ask Ed App
  • Activity 5 – How can I get a problem out of my head? Request to use Ask Ed
  • Activity 6 – Draw a problem
  • Activity 7 – Make the Catastrophe Scale title
Lesson 2  Putting Problems in Perspective
  • Activity 8 – Snippet sentence
Lesson 3  Building Resiliency
  • Activity 9 – Positive problem resolution
Lesson 4  People You Can Trust
  • Activity 10 – Sharing problems and asking for help
Lesson 5  Focus on the Positive
  • Activity 11 – Draw Ed and write a positive message
All the activities have been successfully trialled in schools with students ranging in ages from 5 to 13. Adapt and build on the ideas that work best for you and your students. Additional resources required for each activity are available below.

Additional Activity Resources

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The Catastrophe Scale Kit
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Create an interactive display that helps kids put their problems into perspective
Use The Catastrophe Scale To Rate Your Problems

Click to download and print this poster

Get Your Problems Out Of Your Head, Ask Ed!

Click to download and print this poster

I Want To Ask Ed
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For daily use in the classroom, students can request help working through Ask Ed

Problem Scenarios
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These statements in conjunction with the resilience statements help to demonstrate 'bouncing back' in a positive way.

Don't Let The Problem Beat You, You Beat The Problem

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Don't Let Those Worries Get You Down

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Additional Student Resources

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The Catastrophe Scale Kit
Student Instructions
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A 'how to' guide for students using the Interactive Catastrophe Scale


The Catastrophe Scale Kit
Request Cards
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For use with your classroom interactive Catastrophe Scale display

I Want To Ask Ed And Get A Problem Out of My Head
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Use these request forms during a nominated Ask Ed week for a whole school focus.

Ask Ed App Resources

Suggestions for following up with students after working through the Ask Ed App.

Follow-Up Kit
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Great ideas and resources to use after students have worked through the Ask Ed App