Ask Ed Helps out with a Car Park Tantrum

A family decided to call into the local hardware store on the weekend. They had just pulled into the car park when suddenly the youngest son starts yelling – his older sibling had just teased him.

Dad tried to get his youngest out of the car. He has squeezed down behind the front passenger seat, arms folded, lips pouting. He’s not budging.

‘Come on let’s go’.
‘Quick, come on we have things to do.’

Now what?

It’s awkward, people in the car park were staring. Dad didn’t want to have to drag him out of the car because no one will feel good if that happens – probably a struggle involving kicking and screaming.

What to do?

Dad remembers the new app he has just installed – Ask Ed.

‘Lets talk to the cat’, says Dad as he gets out his iPad. His son lifts his head and shows interest. He’s no longer pouting and is keen to participate with Ed.

What’s the problem – Someone is being mean to me.
Catastrophe Scale Rating – 3.
Feelings – Sad and I want a hug.
Ideas –  I want a hug.

The child asks, ‘Will you send it to mum and will she get the report on her phone?’

Tantrum over, son gets out of the car and happily goes to the shop.

Dad said, ‘It was like a ‘magic wand!’

Download Ask Ed today – try some magic with your kids!