How and When to Use Ask EdTeacher Comforting Child

Introduce Ask Ed to the students by explaining the purpose of the program. ie to guide you through problems, use a Catastrophe Scale to rate the problem and take time to think of ideas that may help deal with the problem.

Read our tips for assisting students when they are using Ask Ed.

The aim is manage the problem, make something great happen, feel better, then ‘move on’ in a positive way.

Ask Ed can be used in a variety of situations

  • With individual children when a problem occurs. This could be a problem the child is having or a problem they have caused.
  • A group problem: Students working or playing together can use Ask Ed to define their problem, discuss ideas then follow through with their plan of action.
  • A class problem: The teacher and /or students can define the problem and work through the Ask Ed process to develop ideas for the plan of action.

See the Classroom, Playground and Individual Students section for further teaching strategies.