Individual Students

Ask Ed can be used independently by students or by a group of students.

e.g. ‘We don’t know how to…’ Allows for discussion and generation of ideas by a team. Any team problems can be worked through using Ask Ed.

‘I don’t know what to write, I left my lunch at home, l can’t concentrate.

I don’t know what to do’ – Use Ask Ed to generate ideas. Email and print the Ask Ed Report for the student to use as a reference.

Allow students to independently use Ask Ed. They may feel embarrassed, scared or unsure about discussing a problem with you. Ask Ed provides an opportunity to raise the problem and seek solutions. It may be the first time the student acknowledges a problem or is willing to begin a process of seeking help.

Small problems can be managed by a student and may provide a sense of empowerment and a way to manage and ‘get over’ the issue.