Using Ask Ed In The Playground

Ask Ed can be used to work through any playground problem.

Ask Ed is a tool that provides the process to generate ideas. It can diffuse a situation and allow students to take control and move on in a positive way.


If a student approaches you in the playground asking for help, use Ask Ed to begin a discussion and work through the problem.

The Ask Ed Report can be emailed to both the student and classroom teacher if required. It provides an overview of the problem, the decisions made by the student and can be used as a reference for follow up if needed. The Ask Ed report can be printed and used as a reference by the student and or teacher to check off the ideas when they are completed.

Ask Ed can alleviate the situation where a students says, ' I told the teacher and they didn't do anything about my problem.'


If a student has had an emotional outburst 'walking and talking' with them first is a great calming strategy.

You can tell when they have left the 'fight and flight' stage and returned to 'mammalian brain mode' - able to talk calmly, respectively and reasonably. That's a great time to start the Ask Ed process and work through the problem with them.

A calm and positive end to an outburst is preferably to an upset and angry student.

Showing your iPhone or iPad and asking if the student wants to have a look will often calm them down and you can then get started on the Ask Ed process.