How Does Ask Ed Diffuse a Tantrum?

Ask Ed effectively diffuses a tantrum because:

  • The Ask Ed App is an ‘instant hook’ – children love to use technology (smart phones and tablets).
  • The child is able to tell their ‘story’ to Ed who calmly leads them through the Ask Ed process. It’s hard work to bring yourself back from a sulk or a tantrum when you believe you have been wronged or have lost control of your behaviour.
  • The child and parent take control of the situation in a positive way and this leads to a change in behaviour, everyone calms down. The tense moment can be quickly resolved.
  • The parent is taking time to really listen to the child. A negative situation changes into positive ‘one-on-one time’.
  • The parent become Ed ‘s voice as they work through Ask Ed, no one is shouting or demanding.
  • It only takes a few minutes to use Ask Ed but it’s time well spent, everyone wins.
  • Ask Ed is easy to access, it’s on your phone or tablet and goes with your wherever you go.